As an audit is the verification, inspection, or examination of a process, product, or system to guarantee compliance with regulatory or organizational requirements. The scope of an audit can apply to an entire organization or be limited to a specific function, step, or process. DAS provide 3rd party auditing services for:-

  • Management Systems- UKAS Accredited under the umbrella of SN Registrar Holding Ltd. UK.
  • Food Supply Chain/GMP audits against the applicable standard, requirements including Engineering, Textile, Surgical and Sport products.
  • Retails auditing Food sector
  • Production Process audits
  • Compressed Air Audits

Audit Considerations

Audits are crucial for all businesses and are especially important for businesses that are in regulated sectors, additionally your business may need to schedule internal audits. Regulated sectors and/or larger markets require more audits. If you are in a regulated sector, such as the life sciences, your success in audits determines your success. If you don’t pass the regulatory requirements, you won’t have a product to sell to the potential buyers in the international and local market.

Performance Audits vs. Compliance and Conformance Audits

Value-added assessments, management audits, added value auditing, and continual improvements are terms used to describe an audit purpose beyond compliance and conformance. The purpose of these audits relates to organization performance. Audits that determine compliance and conformance are not focused on good or poor performance, regular and consistent performance is an important concern of all businesses. A key difference between compliance audits, conformance audits, and improvement audits is the collection of evidence related to organization performance versus evidence to verify conformance or compliance to a standard or procedure.

Through our auditing services the client who are getting these services from DAS are confident of their supplies and services they are getting through local and international suppliers/manufacturers.

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