Certifications for Welding Inspectors (WI)

Welding inspection is one of the highly demanding field requiring certified personnel. There are many major fabrication & erection projects and construction activities happening around the world and there is vast requirement for certified welding engineers, welding inspectors and qualified welders. Candidates having basic qualifications, good experience in welding related projects and industries can opt for certified welding inspector programmes. These certification programmes will provide rewarding career with faster career growth. A candidate with welding and some NDT related training or experience can become better welding inspector.

There are three levels of qualification for welding inspection personnel these three levels are as below;

  • Associate Welding Inspector (AWI)
  • Welding Inspector (WI)
  • Senior Welding Inspector (SWI)

The procedure used to assure that Welding Inspectors possess the qualifications necessary to do competent work includes:

  • training to gain the necessary knowledge
  • experience under the guidance of knowledgeable people
  • qualification examinations to demonstrate that competency has been achieved
  • Certification to document successful demonstration of competency.

Currently DAS Pakistan is offering certification for welding inspectors personnel in following categories;

  • Associate Welding Inspector (AWI)
  • Welding Inspector (WI)

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