Halal Food Certification

Why Halal Businesses

An opportunity to grow your business while supporting Islamic schools, keeping this in mind, Islam will be around when we return to Allah, but will the Sunnah be practiced the way it should be? We’re hopeful by seizing this moment we can make a difference in the way Halal Food Business, while at the same time we will be supporting Islamic schools throughout this country. Pakistani companies in food business especially meat, chicken and manufacturing process need to get their companies certified under HALAL Food Certification Program.

The global Muslim population constitutes 24% of the total world population but in fact more than 80% of the world halal trade is dominated by non-Muslim states, the world’s leading suppliers for Halal products including high quality meat, poultry, dairy products and other foods are Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, New Zealand and USA.

America and Australia are the biggest Halal beef exporters while Brazil and France are the biggest Halal chicken exporters in the Middle East. Pakistan’s share in the total global halal food market is negligible which is around only $28 million, just 0.5% of the total global halal food trade.

One certified halal product in the shelf of stores in US as compared to 86 other products which are not certified halal, this industry is globally fast emerging business, attracting 2 billion people both Muslims and non-Muslims due to safer, hygienic and nutritious having high quality and reliability.

Pakistan has immense potential to get big share in global halal market because Pakistan is an agriculture state with more than 169 million heads of quality livestock with 74 million cattle and buffaloes and 95 million sheep and goats.

Pakistan is producing 650,402 tons Chicken meat, 73,000 tons buffalo meat, 70,600 tons cattle meat, 270,000 tons goat meat and 154,000 tons sheep meat every year.

Proper compliance of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), implementation of ISO Certification system, getting meat based halal certification, up gradation of infrastructure and provision of storage facilities with HALA Food Certification will definitely help to improve the satisfaction level of common consumer.


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