Personnel Certifications in Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

The need for competent personnel to perform NDT tasks is paramount in all industries. Certification is basically a process of providing written testimony that an individual is qualified to do certain work. The qualifications of an individual are based on education, level of training, work experience, and the ability to pass a vision test. In the field of NDT, certification is very important because NDT personnel are often making critical judgments that can have safety and/or significant financial consequences. NDT personnel must have a great deal of confidence in the results of their work. Since many of the NDT methods do not produce a record of the inspection results, certification presents objective evidence of the knowledge and skill level of the individual performing an inspection.

The procedure used to assure that NDT personnel possess the qualifications necessary to do competent work includes:

  • Training to gain the necessary knowledge
  • Experience under the guidance of knowledgeable people
  • Qualification examinations to demonstrate that competency has been achieved
  • Certification to document successful demonstration of competency.

NDT Methods

DAS Pakistan Provides Certification in following NDT methods, listed in the table below;

Liquid Penetrant Testing PT
Magnetic Particle Testing MT
Ultrasonic Testing UT

DAS Pakistan Provides certification programs for following levels of NDT qualification;

  • NDT Level I Certification
  • NDT Level II Certification