PMP Certification Preparation

The Project Management Professional certification is among the most esteemed certifications for managers, executives and project leaders worldwide. Aimed at individuals and organizations looking to gain a broader understanding of project management backed by the practical expertise to effectively conceptualize, plan and execute successful projects.

What Are The Benefits?

Set yourself apart and reap the financial and technical benefits, as the PMP gives you the chance to increase your salary, opportunities and credibility. Demonstrate your capabilities to adopt and implement excellent practices. The course has been designed for all aiming to lead teams for the execution of a project, all those creating and planning a project from scheduling to budgeting and even resource allocation and those who are responsible for any aspect of a project.

Course Content

The training encompasses the aspects of a project, including:

  • Integration Management
    • Developing a sound plan
    • Executing your plan
    • Controlling your variable
  • Time Management
  • Scope Management
    • Project initiation
    • Structured work breakdown
  • Cost Management
    • Economic analysis
    • Estimating and budgeting
    • Cost control
  • Quality Management
    • Planning, assurance and control
    • Statistical process control
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communications Management
    • Planning
    • Distributing Information
    • Reporting
  • Risk Management
    • Planning
    • Identification
    • Developing a response and controlling the situation

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