Management System Auditors – Personnel Certification

The Competency Based Management System (MS) Auditors has been Certified under ISO17024:2012. To ensure continued maximum effectiveness, a quality management system requires regular performance assessment. This is best achieved by using competent certified auditors. The benefits being:

  • Provides international recognition for professionals managing quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 & ISO19011:2011.
  • Provides proof of competence to effectively manage quality issues via extensive examination of knowledge, work experience and competence to audit.
  • Once certified as a professional, gain your passport to the world!

DAS Pakistan provides the Certifications to Management System Auditors for the following schemes:

  • Quality Management System Auditors
  • Environmental Management System Auditors
  • Health & Safety Management System Auditors
  • Integrated Management Systems Auditor

The certification provides many benefits to the Auditors like;

  • International recognition ensuring that professionals have the necessary skills and attributes to conduct audits on behalf of regulatory bodies.
  • Increased employment opportunities.
  • Multiple management system scopes available.
  • Provides proof of competence to effectively manage quality