Textile & Textile Products Inspection

DAS Pakistan Provides following types of Textile & Textile Products Inspection:

  1. Pre Shipment inspection for weight/quality/quantity/marking/regulatory compliance
  2. Inspection During Production
  3. Packing and loading / Transport Inspection

Pre Shipment Inspection:

The Pre Shipment inspection is the best way to identify any discrepancy between the production and specifications. It is conducted just before the order is dispatched. A quality controller goes to the factory to inspect the quality, regulatory compliance, measurements and packaging of the order.

Inspection during Production:

This Inspection takes place when 20% to 50% of the merchandise has been produced. The inspection ensures the localisation and progress of the production, regulatory compliance of the product and gives an estimation of the level of quality. The report, sent the same day, will allow the detection of any possible discrepancies, before it is too late.

Why DAS for Textile & Textile Products Inspection?

We know you look for distilled experience combined with unparalleled textile knowledge and technical expertise. Our dedication and passion combined with courteous and friendly Client service makes Textile Inspections International the perfect partner for your current or future textile Inspection requirements:

  • No compromise on quality
  • Prompt services
  • Technical trained inspectors
  • Test from ISO 17025:2005 Accredited Laboratories
  • Consistence services
  • Nominal inspection charges
  • Tractability & Verification

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